Spend the Summer at Rutherford Pool!

For over 50 years, this private community pool has provided a summer getaway right in your backyard!  Rutherford pool is walking distance from Little Run right in your backyard!  Rutherford pool is walking distance from Little Run Elementary, and hosts Little Run, Canterbury Woods, Frost Middle School, and Woodson High School families. Join Today!

We offer bonded and non-bonded membership options. Here are the key differences:

Bonded Memberships: Bonded members are granted full voting rights during annual and periodic meetings as well as 10 guest passes per season (a $50 value). Annual dues are also less than non-bonded memberships. So, if you plan on joining the pool for longer than 4 years, the bond can quickly pay for itself. The cost of the bond is $400, which can be paid as a lump sum or split evenly between the first and second year.

Purchasing a bond is a decision to become a community stakeholder in the pool and requires payment of annual dues in order to keep your account in good standing. For any season you do not plan to use the pool, you are able to chose to pay the seasonal inactive fee (currently $100).

Non-Bonded Memberships: Intended for shorter-term area residents, non-bonded memberships provide more flexibility with no year-to-year commitment at a slightly higher cost.

Starting in 2023, we introduced a $25 administrative fee for payments made by any means other than credit/debit card. Our pool is managed by a team of volunteers with full-time day jobs and payments by credit/debit are fully integrated and automated into our new platform. Payments by other means create a series of tasks to process payments and update records. As a self-managed pool, our goal is to keep everything self-manageable!

How To Sign Up This Year

Returning Rutherford Member?
  • Be on the lookout for summer 2024 registration in January!
New to Rutherford Pool? Join Today!


Contact membership@rutherfordpool.org