Swim Team Practice

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This event finished on 15 June 2023

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Practice Policies

Who are we: We are the Rutherford Water Rats, often shortened to RFD. Why we are named “rats” is something that has been lost to history. The team participates in a series of swim meets during the summer, primarily in June and July. The goal of the team is to provide every member a chance to participate in competitive swimming, to develop his or her skills, and to HAVE FUN! The team welcomes all swimmers 18 years of age and under.

Water Rats: Water rats are children 18 years of age and under. Although swimming abilities may vary among water rats, the major qualification is that a swimmer eight years or younger be able to swim 25 meters (1 pool length) and a swimmer nine years or older be able to swim 50 meters (2 pool lengths) without touching the bottom or holding on to the wall and ropes.

Little Rats: Little Rats are the youngest beginning swimmers. Coaches work with the Little Rats to build the foundations of swimming across the shallow end of the pool. Little Rats compete in and end of year “lollipop” meet where they race across the diving well of the pool. Kick boards can be used to help build their confidence.

Swim Practices:

Water Rats Morning practices move to the morning schedule the day after the FCPS school year ends. Little Rats Practices also start on this day.

Parents are welcome to attend practices, but we ask that you remain off the deck near the pool during practice. Most parents enjoy the shade and conversation in the pavilion. If there’s a concern you would like to discuss with the coaches, please schedule an appointment with them via email or wait until practice is finished.

During morning practices (when the pool is not yet open), keep in mind that the coaches are busy coaching and are not responsible for unattended children. Please be prompt in picking your younger children up from practice.

Adults of Little Rat swimmers may not leave the pool during practice.

Adults of Water Rat swimmers need to follow the pool’s rules of unattended children: Children must be at least 7 years old and pass the swim team.