Corn Hole Tournament

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We are excited to announce the upcoming Cornhole Tournament at the Rutherford Area Swim Club! Whether you are a seasoned cornhole pro or just looking for some fun competition, this event is perfect for everyone. Below are the details:

Tournament Details:

  • Entry Fee: $10 per team
  • Prizes: 50% of the entry fees go to the pool; 50% to snack shack gift cards
  • Team Composition: Individuals can only play on one team
  • Format: Group play followed by a single elimination tournament
  • Games: Each team will play 3 or 4 times (depending on the number of teams registered)
  • Advancement: Top 8 teams make the single elimination tournament

Tie Breakers for Top 8:

  1. Point differential
  2. Head to head record
  3. Single round toss off
    • Each team picks one member
    • Both members throw all 4 bags
    • Highest score advances
    • Continue until one team wins

Game Rules:

  • Play to 21 straight up (no win by 2)
  • 4 bags per team with alternating turns
  • Boards are 27 feet apart (front edge to front edge)
  • Bags that hit the ground first do not count and are removed from the board before the next throw
  • Teams that score in a round go first in the next round
  • The team going first in the group stage will be predetermined
  • Higher-ranking teams in single elimination will go first (e.g., 8th seed throws first against the 1st seed)

We hope to see you there for a day filled with fun, competition, and community spirit!

Date and Time:

  • June 22nd
  • 2:00 PM


  • Rutherford Area Swim Club


  • To register, please go to the following page.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Cameron Childs

RFD Social Coordinator